Creating an Optimum Purpose IconCreating an Optimum Purpose
Use this workbook to create an optimum purpose for your cold outreach that will move you past the first layer of rejection.

Creating Great Question for Decision Makers IconCreating Questions for Decision Makers
Use this workbook to help you create questions that will open up dialogue with your target decision makers.

Matt Wanty - Author of Smart Outbound

Matt Wanty started his sales career as one of the top reps at a major logistics corporation. In 6 ½ years he sold over $20 million in new business before moving on to start his own company. Matt’s first success as an entrepreneur was driven by selling a seven figure contract to one of the largest manufacturers in the world, 3M Company.  He currently provides outbound sales consulting through his new company, Subroot,

Matt has helped reps and sales leaders at companies like Zoom, MuleSoft, Seismic and Northwestern Mutual have more meaningful sales interactions by refining their messaging.  Matt also helps companies and reps formulate outbound sales strategies and enhance selling skills through Subroot’s Smart Outbound program.  You can follow Matt’s content at where he reaches millions of sales people around the world. 

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