Smart Outbound helps sales teams crack more accounts with a strategy customized to their strengths and buyer persona.

 Here’s how it works:

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Sales Messaging

Sales messaging is the first step of a successful outbound strategy.  The statements that you make and the questions you ask will determine if your message is received.  Company language and other jargon can create a barrier when communicating with prospects. Smart Outbound works with the teams to create optimum sales messaging that will resonate with most decision makers.

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Channel Strategy

Is your channel strategy geared toward your buyer persona? By identifying which outbound mediums have the best chance to reach your target decision makers, you can significantly increase response and contact rates. Smart Outbound will help you formulate the right outbound channel strategy based on your prospective decision maker and personal strengths.

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Skills Development

Sales messaging and channel strategy can be created perfectly, but if you don’t have the skills to execute they won’t do you much good.  Smart Outbound works with reps to help them develop the necessary cold calling, cold email writing, video shooting, social selling and other skills necessary to be successful with outbound sales.

Smart Outbound Messaging Workshop


Workshop Includes:

Half or Full Day Workshop

State of Outbound Sales Speech

Friendly Feud Tournament

Sales Messaging Breakout

Cold Calling Framework

Cold Email Templates

Cold Email Review

Outbound Tactic Overview

Communication Workshop


Workshop Includes:

Half or Full Day Workshop

State of Communication Speech

Communication 101

Sales Communication Breakdown

Listening Exercise

Tone Exercise

Friendly Feud Tournament (communication)

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