Session 1

Sales Messaging Workbook

Smart Outbound

Session 1

  • Opening Statement

    The opening statement of a cold call is an opportunity to impress the person you’re calling and set the stage for a good conversation. Prepare yourself to deliver this statement under any circumstances. Greeting, Who I am, Where I'm from, Why I'm calling.
  • Closed-ended Questions

    Two to three questions plus corresponding responses. Closed-ended questions are an effective way to initiate a conversation without frustrating the person you’re bothering. Once you’ve created the closed-ended questions, prepare responses for either answer.
  • Value Messaging

    Getting an opportunity to explain your company’s value is the reason we make cold calls. Most decision makers will only agree to a meeting once they have a compelling reason. In other words, you’ll need to communicate to them at least some of the value your product or service provides.