Sales Funnel

Efficient sales tool creates a bigger sales funnel with less data entry

Sales Funnel Management

Managing opportunities in your sales funnel is a never ending task for sales people.  Subroot sales tool makes it simple to keep track and manage all the opportunities in your sales funnel or sales pipeline.  Snapshot automatically stages all meetings and site visits for easy entry into your sales pipeline.  Once they’re in your funnel you can put them on a cadence or email sequences.

Every meeting and site visit seamlessly flows into your Pipeline snapshot.  Making it easy for your to keep track of and record every interaction with the minimum amount of data entry.  Once opportunities are in your sales funnel seamlessly create tasks or add them to one of your saved sale cadences.

Subroot Pipeline Searched by Opportunity

Subroot pipeline screenshot showing opportunities in the sales funnel.

Subroot Pipeline History Custom Search

Subroot screehshot of sales funnel history custom search Salesforce

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About the Founder

Matt Wanty is the Founder of Subroot and the Author of The Lost Art of Cold Calling. Recently launched Subroot is the latest sales tool to help reps reach more prospects and build a bigger sales funnel.  In addition to writing a book on cold calling, Matt regularly shares posts on Linkedin, His sales content on cold calling, prospecting, sales career, SDRs and more has been read by millions of sales people around the world.  Sign up below to receive Matt’s content directly to your inbox.

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