Create More Opportunity Build a Bigger Sales Funnel

Outbound Legends is an online training & virtual coaching program that will give your outbound sales a big lift.  Four core modules provide expert training on every outbound sales channel.  During each module we share a legendary tactic that top reps are currently using to open up doors.  Informative and game changing segments on LinkedIn, social selling, prospecting, cold calling, sales messaging, voicemails, email writing, and video messaging.  The program also provides access to tools like our Email Generator which helps reps easily create emails based on high performing templates.

Outbound Training Program

  • LinkedIn & Prospecting - Webinar presentation gives reps expert information on using LinkedIn, social selling and LinkedIn navigator for prospecting.
  • Cold Email Writing - Reps get access to our Email Generator which contains dozens of high performing templates for cold, follow up, drip and ghosted emails.
  • Cold Calling Strategy - Prepares reps for life on the phone with coaching, best practices, strategy development and repetition assignments.
  • Voicemails & Video - Prepares reps for real conversations with decision makers and teaches them the ins and outs of making videos for prospecting.
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