Online Training & Virtual Coaching Curriculum


The Outbound Legends’ program focuses on a common pain point for sales teams, messaging. 

We challenge and assist reps to create and tweak their sales messaging throughout the training.

The program breaks down every channel giving reps more insight into  their outbound options.

Each module shares a legendary tactic that’s being used by high performing sales people right now.

The program’s objective is to help reps open up doors and put life back into outbound sales.

Program runs for 4 weeks (1 addl week for tech stack)

Total webinar training – 4 hours

Total individual coaching – 4 hours

Total homework – 8 hours

Cold email writing and messaging presentation.

Cold email writing assignments.

Access to the Email Generator (dozens of high performing email templates). 

Group presentation session, Q&A – 1.5 hours.

Individual coaching (email review) – 30 mins.  

Homework (5 cold emails) – 2 hours.

Cold calling strategy development and training.

Cold calling script repetition assignments. 

Objection handling custom response development.

Access to Handling Tough Objections online course. 

Access to Creating Questions for Decision Makers online course.

Individual coaching sessions – 2 hours. 

Homework – 3 Hours.

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Navigator training. 

Social selling presentation. 

Prospecting and time management presentation. 

Group presentation session, Q&A – 1.5 hours. 

Personal strategy coaching session – 30 mins.

Homework – 2 hours.

Creating voicemails presentation plus practice voicemail assignment. 

Video message presentation & practice assignment. 

Group presentation, Q&A 1 hour.

Individual coaching session – 1 hour. 

Homework 3 hours.

Customized presentation on technology ecosystem and related tech sectors.

Competitive analysis presentation.

Group presentation, Q&A 1.5 hours.

Industry talk coaching session – 30 min. 

Homework 2 hours.