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I hate to break it to you but all the empathy in the world isn’t going to get most decision makers interested right now.

There’s too much unknown.

Some of them don’t even know if they’ll have a job next month.

Many are focused on reducing costs and eliminating vendors.

You can defy the odds if you can do one of these:

-Significantly reduce their costs.
-Help them with changes in their workforce.
-Allow them to reduce their workload.

Either way, make sure they know how you can help.

That’s all you can do.


It’s hard to see all these great sales people losing their jobs.

They didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it.

They worked hard.
Did what was asked.
Committed to learning.
Believed in their company.
Faced being uncomfortable.
Busted their butts selling.

Only to get let go during a fricken’ epidemic.

It’s unfair and right now they’re down.

But they’ll be back with a better company selling more than ever.

It’s just a matter of time.


A few weeks ago I spoke with a BDR who said he was the best on the team when it came to cold calling.

I asked if he could tell me about his strategy.

He said “sure, I just ask them if they’re addressing ‘important thing’?”

The important thing was a problem his company solved. I don’t remember the specifics, sorry.

I’m sharing this because I hear this same story often.

Reps who ask questions to expose problems, get the best results with cold calling.


We’ve been refining Subroot for months.

It’s finally ready, right in the middle of COVID.

What are we going to do?

Keep moving forward.

On that note, Subroot is a sales engagement and pipeline management technology.

It’s simple, affordable and has some features that you’ve probably never seen before.

We’re currently offering a free two month trial, you can sign up at subroot dot com.

If you get started by Apr 15th you’ll be one of our early adopters (huge perks).

If you’d like a short demo please message me.


The most underrated skill in sales.


Quotas tend to work against patience but it’s even more important now.

The patience to stick with an opportunity can be the difference between success and failure.

It can also be an important step in building a longterm relationship with a decision maker.

Don’t confuse patience with complacency, your job is to always keep the ball rolling.

But you need to know when to push hard and when to take your foot off the gas.

Listen to your gut.

Timing is everything in sales.

Right now it’s probably bad.

But you still have to do your job.

Your boss has to do their job.

Keep making calls, emailing and sending messages.

Lengthen your cadences so you don’t come on too strong.

Try out other forms of outreach like video messages and LinkedIn voicemail.

Always acknowledge the situation in your messaging.

Keep plugging, hopefully this will be over soon.

Four weeks ago my wife and I wore p100 masks and nitrile gloves to the grocery store.

We were the only ones.

Some of the people laughed out loud when they saw us.

As we checked out the cashier couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

We went back to the store yesterday and the same cashier was wearing a mask.

This time we couldn’t help but chuckle.


To all those CEOs still fighting hard to avoid lay offs:

Thank you.

What you’re doing right now will never be forgotten.


The No. 1 rule of sales communication:

Never talk over prospects or clients.

Never ever.

Some people do this without really thinking about it.

Don’t let that be you.

No matter what your title, anytime a decision maker opens their mouth, stop talking and listen.

If you both start talking at the same time, insist they continue.

What they’re about to say could be the information you need to close the deal.

Value their words the most and you can’t go wrong.

Good luck!


If you’re not reaching your sales goals the first thing you should ask yourself:

Are you targeting enough people?

Quality is vital but you also need to pursue enough prospects.

Typically sales people can only penetrate a small percentage of their targets and then only a portion of those deals close.

If you don’t continuously pursue enough prospects your numbers can suffer.

Maybe we should do some math.

Sample Analytics:
100 prospects
2 deals

If you need 5 deals per month.
It will take 12.5 quotes.
At least 250 prospects.

You’ll need to identify 12 leads per day.

Figure out your math.


Everything takes time.

It probably took you time to find your first sales job.

It may have even taken longer to make your first sale.

If you recently lost your job, it could take some time before you find a new one.

If you’re still selling, it’s going to be a little while before the new normal.

These challenging segments of time are what help build character.

But they don’t determine where you end up.

Because you have time.

Use it well.


I wish I had more to offer to the sales people losing their jobs.

Besides saying I’m sorry and reminding them that some companies are still hiring.

They know what they need to do:

-get LinkedIn references from former bosses & coworkers.
-talk to any clients that could also be references.
-update resume & LinkedIn profile, get feedback from colleagues.
-when ready, start looking for a new job.
-reach out to any friend and social media networks.
-search ‘we’re hiring’ + city on LinkedIn, contact hiring managers directly.
-be fully prepared for conversations and interviews.
-stay positive, better days ahead.


Thanks for reading, please share!

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