Content 2020-7 Making Cold Calls Right Now, The Best Rep on the Team, Hey CEOs Raising KPIs is not the Answer

Making Cold Calls Right Now, The Best Rep on the Team, Hey CEOs Raising KPIs is not the Answer

Matt's LinkedIn Posts July 2020

One of the unfortunate realities of being in sales;

Someone is usually trying to take credit for your deals.

Whether it’s a business leader who joined a call, another department or someone else on the sales team.

Selling is the type of thing that can make people shady sometimes.

The best thing to do is nothing.

You know what you did.

Good luck this quarter!

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Hey Sales Leaders, are you helping or hurting your reps on sales calls?

There’s no in between.

Here’s a checklist that might help for calls with your tenured people:

1️ Ask the rep about your role beforehand.
2️ Always let them run the meeting.
3️ Occasionally prop them with credibility statements.
4️ Chime in if they need you.
5️ Never talk over anyone.
6️ Reinforce the close.

What would you suggest?

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What you’re selling is meaningful.

What you’re selling is helpful.

What you’re selling is necessary.

Sometimes the constant rejection of sales can create doubt.

So I wanted to remind you.

Don’t forget.

The most underutilized skill in sales.


Anybody can be persistent.

Literally anybody.

Unless they tell you to buzz off.

Keep trying to get your message across.

Good luck!

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If someone connects with you on LinkedIn,

That DOES NOT mean they’ve subscribed to your emails.

Thanks for understanding.

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Don’t believe it when people tell you it’s easy to gain a large LinkedIn following.

Most people actually fail.

Don’t believe it when people tell you it’s easy to sell new business using LinkedIn.

In some sectors it’s almost impossible.

Don’t believe it when people tell you posting on LinkedIn is a waste of time.

Success comes in many different forms.

Don’t believe it when people tell you it’s a long game.

Actually that one’s true.

So, if you’ve been thinking about giving it a shot;

Just start throwing In some value and see what happens.

You have nothing to lose.

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He woke up late.

Stayed up until 3am playing video games.

No biggie because today is the Thursday before a Friday before a holiday.

Pretty much a blow off day.

He still arrives to work on-time, albeit disheveled.

Today the plan is to lay low, study some fantasy football and maybe pump the KPIs with a few dials.

As he gets to work his boss calls him into her office.

He quickly tucks in his shirt.

She says, “Timmy, we really appreciate the work you’ve been doing so we’re promoting you to Sr. SDR”.

The pay bump is $XX,XXX.

Timmy decides to ixnay the fantasy footballay.

Have a great week!

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Ps. The original Timmy is in the comments.

Cc. Jay Jensen
Hey sales people, are you saying certain things during calls only because you’ll hear about it if you don’t?

Are you thinking about the call review as you’re talking to prospects?

Companies should never force reps to use their company language on sales calls.

It can make them seem disingenuous.

What a company wants to say, isn’t always what a prospect needs to hear.

Sales reps should be allowed to find their own words.

What‘s your opinion?

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Some SDRs end up in a pretty crappy situation.

After they receive product training and a little direction on selling, they’re immediately required to maintain lofty KPIs.

If they don’t “ramp up” fast enough, they’re threatened or worse yet fired.

To make matters worse many SDRs deal with AEs limiting what they can say to prospects.

What’s being ignored is that opening up doors is the hardest part of sales.

To be successful:

-Sales training must be highly specific and ongoing.
-KPIs need to be realistic with an adequate probation period.
-Sales leaders should use performance improvement plans and coaching instead of threats.
-SDRs shouldn’t be limited on what value information they can share with prospects.

Companies should give SDRs what they need to be successful or not hire them.

What do you think?

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Ps. If you’re an SDR looking for a job search “we’re hiring SDRs” on LinkedIn. Good luck!
The worst cold message lines I receive on a weekly basis:

-I see you’re doing great things.

-I think our companies could help each other.

-When is a good time to schedule a 15 min conversation?

-I was wondering if you were looking for new customers?

-As a result of COVID you’re probably blah blah blah.

-I’m pushing this to the top of your inbox.

If you want to be successful in getting someone’s attention,

You’re going have to bring more than that.

Educate, Help, Entertain, Standout.

You can’t go wrong.

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In my first sales job I got into a verbal altercation with my boss in front of everyone.

Honestly, I wanted to fight him.

I was transferred into his district so I was an inherited body.

It didn’t take me long to penetrate a few large deals, something new for him.

One deal in particular was huge and would put his district on the map.

So everyday when I came back to the office he would shout out from his office, “Hey Matt, how do you feel about Mead?”.

Until one day I snapped, I shouted back “I feel like you ask me that question too much!”

He was pissed and we exchanged a few pleasantries. The office was stunned.

I didn’t get fired from that job because I was producing.

But I wouldn’t of cared if I did.

When you feel like your Sales Manager is working against you,

It’s probably time to move on.

What do you think?

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Ps. Mead closed.

Hey cold callers, are you making dials to a prospect over a couple weeks and then giving up?

Don’t stop.

Keep calling.

If you can make them feel like you’re in it for the long haul, they’re more likely to answer your call.

Listen to this clip from a coaching session for more details.

Finish the week strong!

#coldcalling #sales #dontstop

It’s one of the toughest times to sell in modern history.

But there are sales people still getting it done.

They’re targeting better.

Increasing their activity.

Using their networks.

Making their emails standout more.

Sending creative direct mail.

What are you doing differently?

#sales #outbound #gettingitdone

There is nothing worse than joining a sales org that doesn’t have it together.

Talk about feeling hopeless.

It’s not easy to see dysfunction from the outside.

Especially for rookies.

Here are three things you can do to avoid this situation.

1️ Use LinkedIn to find former reps. Reach out to them and ask if they’d do it all over again.

2 Read Glassdoor reviews. If you read the same negative thing a few times, I’d believe it.

3️ Find out how long the current reps have been with the company. If most of them are new that might be a bad sign.

What would you suggest?

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Hey CEOs, raising sales people’s KPIs is not the answer.

The result won’t be more sales.

It’ll be a waste of everyone’s time and create unnecessary stress.

Instead, develop a better sales strategy.

Expand the sales training.

Give your team a better chance.

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Hey cold callers, does your strategy consider your audience’s state of mind?

Or is it all about you?

There’s a reason decision makers pick up a cold call like they want to punch you In the face.

It sucks for them.

Ask good questions, create dialogue and make it suck less.

Watch this video for more information.#coldcalling #questions #dialogue #sales

How messed up are some sales cultures when it comes to SDRs?

Well, there’s a group called SDRDefenders if that gives you some perspective.

There are companies out there treating SDRs like second class citizens.

It can be deep in the culture.

Sparked by the CEO or other executives trickling down to department heads and even sales leaders.

When in reality the SDR position is AS important as any at the company.

They’re responsible for the first interaction with a prospect.

A vital step to acquire new business.

And they should be treated accordingly.

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The best rep on the team doesn’t fake dials.

The best rep on the team doesn’t stop prospecting.

The best rep on the team doesn’t make excuses.

The best rep on the team doesn’t worry about other reps.

The best rep on the team just sells.

Simple as that.

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There are a lot of conversations that can prepare you for a career in sales.

Student to teacher.

Waiter to customer.

Sales clerk to buyer.

Customer service rep to client.

Tour guide to guest.

Bartender to a regular.

I think you get my point.

No matter what you’re doing,

Talking is good.

#sales #career #conversations
If you’re making cold calls right now.

Good job.


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