Live online class to help sales people communicate their message and sell more


This is an interactive class that helps create and test sales messaging. You will master simple methods to develop conversational messaging and fine tune your delivery by practicing with the class.  Crazy Productive Sales Conversations is sort of an online toastmasters for sales conversations.

Sometimes it’s only a few words that captures the attention of a decision maker.  CPSC helps you find those words and gives you the confidence to deliver them in a meaningful way. This class is a good fit for you if you feel like any of the following:

•My sales messaging usually doesn’t resonate with decision makers.

•My sales conversations are typically short and information isn’t always shared.

•The product or service I sell is complex and it’s difficult to explain to decision makers.

•Most of the conversations I have are surface level and decision makers rarely understand how we help.

•Decision makers usually don’t give me an opportunity to explain how our product or service can help

•Having trouble overcoming objections while cold calling or during other sales conversations

•Having trouble getting past early objections like “we’re all set” or “not interested”

•Interested in learning how to use their tone to help overcome difficult objections

This is for sales people.

Length is 2 1/2 Hours

Live interaction with other reps (5 Seats per class)


Wed, Sept 21, 5:30pm ET

Thur, Sept 22, 11am ET

About the Instructor

Matt Wanty is a 3x founder and outbound sales strategist.  He’s the Author of The Lost Art of Cold Calling and Smart Outbound. Matt started his sales career as one of the top reps at a major logistics corporation. In 6 ½ years he sold over $20 million in new business before moving on to start his own company. Matt’s first success as an entrepreneur was driven by selling a seven figure contract to one of the largest manufacturers in the world, 3M Company.

In addition to writing books on cold calling and outbound sales, Matt has coached hundreds of people on cold calling.  His LinkedIn content on cold calling, prospecting, sales career and SDRs reaches millions of sales people around the world.

Photo of Subroot Founder Matt Wanty

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Join Matt’s free community