How to Integrate Cold Calling into your Sales Culture

Use this guide to integrate cold calling into your sales culture.

The problem.

Asking a sales team that’s not making cold calls to start dialing the phone is a difficult task for sales leaders. The reps are typically comfortable with their current process and adding cold calling would be a big disruption in their life. When companies try to make this transition there is bound to be resistance from both reps and managers alike. This pushback plus other factors makes integrating cold calling a big accomplishment for companies. This guide was created to help your sales organization successfully adopt cold calling. By checking off these ten items you’ll also put your reps in the best position to be successful on the phone.

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Make sure it’s right.

It’s sad but true, cold calling isn’t right for every situation. Each industry is different and it’s hard to predict what’s going to work. Cold calling is most effective when you’re trying to inform decision makers about something they don’t understand or already know about. It’s the least effective when you’re trying to convince them that you’re the greatest thing on the planet and/or superior to your competition. If other companies in your industry are winning with cold calling there is no reason your team can’t as well. If you happen to be introducing something new to the market, cold calling could be your best weapon.

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Define a strategy.

Sending your reps onto the phones with no game plan is like sending them into the witches den with no magic potions.

Reps need direction and a good strategy for them to embrace cold calling as a regular activity. The better your strategy the more likely you’ll sustain cold calling amongst the ranks. If you need assistance creating one there are some people who can help (like me).

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Test multiple strategies:

First, make sure the strategy is actually effective by proving it with conversions and creating case studies.

Understand that over the long term, some strategies may not work for every rep. Try out other strategies in order to find a few different things that can be effective for the team. Search for the optimal call times in order to optimize connection rates.

Eliminate silent floor atmospheres.

Cold callers should only be seated around other cold callers. The best atmosphere is a section where all the reps making cold calls are seated together. It’s ideal if the area is isolated from other depts. Having an area for cold calling can create energy and confidence amongst your reps. Successful calls can become contagious and everyone continuously learns from each other.

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Make targeting a priority.

It’s tempting to load up large call volumes for your reps to push up the number of conversations. In some cases, this can be effective but it all depends on what you’re selling and your target market. The last thing you want to do is waste your rep’s time with meaningless conversations. It’s much better to have 3 to 5 conversations per day that result in a sale then 15 conversations with people who don’t buy what you sell. Successful cold calling and selling usually starts with good targeting.

Be your own coach.

If you’re looking for people outside of your company to motivate your reps then you have a bigger problem than cold calling. If you want cold calling to be part of your culture you need to be the coaches and motivators for your sales people. Having an ongoing third party involved is almost a slap in the face for your team. Everyone should be involved in this skill because it shows the reps that you’re all in it together.

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Get an automated dialer.

Dialing automation helps with cold calling productivity, it makes sense to avoid having your sales people punching numbers. Automate this process so the data feeds into the dialing system and everything is as simple as possible for your reps.

Measure but don’t smother.

If you’re preparing your reps with the right strategy and properly measuring conversion, don’t worry so much about being Big Brother. Having each call recorded and a spot light on everything you do as a cold caller can be demotivating. Use the tools that are available but don’t be obsessed about it and most importantly make sure the time being invested is worthwhile. Keep in mind you can’t properly analyze calls until you’ve created a baseline with a proven strategy.

Reward cold calling with style.

Celebrate your cold calling conversion leaders like rock stars and make sure to that you’re rewarding every good conversation in some way. If reps are able to communicate key value information or convey important details to a decision maker, those conversations should be recognized as wins. These interactions can impact the long term growth of both the rep and company.

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There is one common theme

that I see in our skills training programs. Many sales people are equipped with the wrong words for sales conversations. Long value statements filled with company language are dominating the sales world. These approaches are rarely successful because of the way the information is being delivered. Through our programs we help companies create sales messaging that will resonate better with decision makers. We create a strong purpose, question & answer tracks and important talking points that will help reps share key information about your company. If you’d like a free evaluation for your sales messaging please DM me or schedule one hour at

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