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Hey AEs, what are you doing to help your SDRs set meetings?

You should be spending time with them making sure they understand the following:

1. What makes your product or service special.
2. What is the best messaging for their cold outreach.
3. What your ideal prospect looks like.
4. Who are the best decision makers for them to contact.

Don’t just rely on their training. Get in there and help them.

Because you have the knowledge.


Hey SDRs, take a good look at all of your team members.

Almost half of them may be gone by the end of the year.

Some could quit.

Some could be fired.

Some could get promoted.

The SDR position is often just a stepping stone to something else.

Because for a lot of people and even some companies, it’s not sustainable.

That’s the harsh reality of the SDR game.

So just focus on working hard, doing what’s asked of you and learning as much as possible.

Then you’ll have no regrets.

Good luck!

I’ll be rooting for you.


Do you know what’s the silver bullet of cold calling?


If you’re not able to create it then you may as well just send an email or video message.

Because you’ll never find consistent success on the phone by talking AT decision makers.

Your focus should be on talking WITH them by asking the right questions.

Once you’ve figured this out cold calling is a totally different experience.


How much does sales messaging matter?

Well, it’s everything.

Literally the difference between success and failure.

Do you know how most sales messaging sounds to decision makers?

Like this: Blah blah blah.


Because it’s in the wrong words.

Usually delivered at the wrong time.

Sales people and companies should be obsessed with finding the right messaging.

Because outbound sales can’t prosper without it.

Have you obsessed yet?


Evolution of a great cold call.

Decision maker picks up with super gruff voice: “This is Rick!”

Sales rep confidently: “Hi Rick…” followed by an opening statement that connects with his interests or areas of responsibility.

Decision maker in a less gruff voice: “I’m listening.”

Sales rep: “Hey Rick, let me ask are you…?” followed by an extremely pertinent question that exposes a problem.

Decision maker in a friendly voice: “That has been a problem for us, how does your solution help?”

Sales rep: “That’s pretty common, Rick. We help solve this problem by…” followed by a succinct value explanation.

Decision maker in almost a happy voice: “that sounds really interesting.”

Sales rep: “Great, could we set up a time when I could give you some more details on how we can help?”


I got this message yesterday from a sales rep.

“I’m SLUMPING and my mind does not feel right. I have been performing quite well for my job — over 110% of my quota the past year.”

I get messages like this frequently so I decided to share my response.

If you’re in this situation the first thing you need to understand is that there is going to be ebbs & flows in your sales career. It’s part of the deal.

Sometimes people and companies aren’t buying, sometimes the competitive market is challenging; in the end there are many factors that can impact sales numbers.

Keep your head up and continue to work hard, things will get better.

Here are some other changes to consider:

1. Find alternate lead sources. Don’t just rely on the same old databases. Always be trying to figure out new ways to develop leads, it will keep them fresh.
2. Fine tune your sales messaging, written and conversational. Test it out on your friends or colleagues who don’t work at the company.
3. If you’re making cold calls, switch up your call times. If you haven’t been calling later and earlier in the day, try giving that shot.
4. Call on multiple level decision makers, VP, Directors, and Managers. Mix up your approach.


Hey SDRs, if you want to set more meetings, get better at magnifying the problems you solve.

But how?

Here’s what i do.

Ask a question that exposes a problem but without insinuating they have it.

Like this:

“Ronda, is the phone part of your team’s sales strategy?”

When you get a positive response from the decision maker, give them a concise pitch.

Like this:

“Well, we help reps create better conversations by refining their messaging.”

Repeat the sequence.

If you expose a problem, make sure to ask for the meeting.

Good luck this month!

Let me know if you find this useful.


Here are three things that separate the best sales people from the rest of the pack.

1. Targeting. The best reps know where to spend their time. They can identify a good prospect just by visiting their website.

2. Communication. The best reps are great at explaining their company’s value. They know what questions to ask and how to handle tough objections.

3. Hustle. The best reps are always looking for new opportunities and staying on top of good prospects. They don’t always work more hours, they just work smarter


Hey, please stop telling sales reps they shouldn’t make cold calls.

Cold calling is part of their job. Most of them don’t have a choice.

It’s like telling an accountant not to do spreadsheets.

Sales people deserve the respect to do their work just like everyone else.

Thanks for understanding.


Yesterday I made 10 cold calls for a special client.

Talked with 2 people including 1 decision maker.

My client learned more from those two conversations than they did in four months of emailing.

Whether it’s sales or business.

When you talk to people you get somewhere.


The four biggest reasons SDRs fail:

Bad messaging.
Bad targeting.
Bad activity levels.
Bad market.


Hey cold callers, when you’re making dials do you really want to talk to decision makers?

When they pick up are you really trying to convey key information?

If the answer to these questions isn’t yes, it’s nearly impossible to succeed.

Don’t give up on it, just change your mindset and approach.

Expect them to pick up every time.

Ask questions that uncover problems.

Explain how your company can help.

Good luck on the phones today!


Hey sales people, are you seeing the big picture?

Do you understand your company’s business and the industry?

Most people go to work everyday and do their jobs without really understanding the business.

But that can’t be you.

If you want to be really successful, you need to see the bigger picture.

Keep asking questions until you do.

Questions like:

What is our company’s history, how did we get to where we’re at?

How do we make money as an organization, what are the pitfalls?

Why do our customers do business with us, what’s important to them?

Who are the competitors, how do we compare with each one?

The more you know, the more you’ll sell.

Have a great week!


Hey SDRs, let’s be real about it.

Sales conversations can be freaking scary when you don’t know what to say.

But they can be really exhilarating when you do.

The solution is simple, figure out what to say.

Practice with anyone who’ll listen and make adjustments based on their feedback.

Be ready to be uncomfortable during the first real interactions.

It’ll be clear sailing after that.

You can do it, I promise.


Do you know what cold outreach is the best?

The one that’s working.

I know reps that are crushing it with cold calling because they’re asking one specific question.

I know a rep that’s setting 3 times more meetings using LinkedIn in a way most people don’t even know about.

I know a rep that gets an 80% reply rate because they’re doing a certain thing with their cold email.

I know a rep that frequently gets meetings by leaving a special voicemail.

Keep testing until you find what works for you.

Then hammer it!


If you’re grinding in sales you could be doing it wrong.

Please don’t misunderstand me.

Hard work and volume are a big part of success.

But so is mastering your craft.

There’s a fine line between grinding and spinning your wheels.

Make sure you’re not doing the latter.

Have a fun weekend, you deserve it!


Don’t expect too much from cold calling if you don’t want to make the dials.

Don’t expect too much from your emails if you don’t want to customize the messaging.

Don’t expect to find hot leads if you don’t want to dig for them.

Don’t expect to inform decision makers if you don’t want to have sales conversations.

The quality of what you put in is exactly equal to what you’ll get out.

Finish the month strong!


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